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Hello, my name is Steven Rogers and I am a farmer. I have farmed using regenerative practices for 31 years. I also spent 7 years working out my techniques in a half acre home garden before starting an urban farm in SE Portland Oregon in 1989. In 2020 I live on a 20 acre farm in rural Marion County, Oregon.

I am a Vietnam-era Navy Veteran. In 2019 I grew high-CBD cannabis, or hemp. My son Ben and grew transplants from seed in one of our greenhouses. We transplanted them into our very fertile Willamette Valley silt loam, tended them carefully and harvested a nice crop of hemp. We hand dried the hemp on-farm for 4 weeks, then we shucked it into bins and cured it for another 4 weeks. We then took it to a local extraction lab and had it processed into crude oil.

We only have 1 product for sale currently…a 5,000 mg bottle of CBD tincture. We decided to go with very high potency CBD products with my Veteran brothers and sisters in mind. If you take a 50 mg dose daily, one bottle will last you over 3 months. It is a very good value for Vets, people with chronic pain and others who take a larger dose of CBD daily, and are put off by the high cost.

My intent with this blog is of course to market our Della’s Garden line of high potency CBD products. I am also a farmer using regenerative farming techniques so expect many blog posts to cover that subject as well

You can currently purchase our Della’s Garden high potency 5000 mg CBD tincture for $120 including shipping by clicking on this link.  We currently have a special introductory offer. Ar checkout use the coupon code JORGE35 for $35 off of our list price. There is no limit on the number of bottles you can buy using the coupon code JORGE35:

Veteran grown, locally processed CBD products grown using regenerative farming.

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